A collaborative approach to foodservice design.
Higher Education
Concept Design
In 2014, Webb Foodservice Design was invited to work with a University to reimagine what their foodservice program could offer. A Strategic Plan and Feasibility Study were completed which included on-campus research to determine demand and capacity as well as operations, financial and facility assessments. The result of the study emerged with the goal of creating a neighborhood vibe where students could build community and be inspired by their healthy food experience. The conceptual design focused on creating a rustic, modern destination assembly style food hall that celebrates diversity and creates signature food concepts that represent farm- to-table meals.

These third-place style food halls contribute to this sense of belonging and neighborhood vibe for many reasons:

-Spaces are constructed in neighborhoods with accompanying food and retail offerings.
-Food and beverage are readily available near any lounge and gathering area.

-Seating is a combination of soft lounge chairs, community tables, high bar stools, and intimate gathering spots.

-Activities such as board games and shuffleboard stimulate group interaction.

Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort to the areas.

-Natural and reclaimed wood, metals, glass, and fabrics add texture and depth.

-High ceilings with natural light bring the outdoors inside.

-There is an ease of entering multiple venues with smooth circulation allowing access from room to room.

-Signature food concepts create authentic representation of farm-to-table meals.
  • Pre-Design Phase
  • Strategy Planning/Feasibility Study
  • Culinary Product & Concept Dev.
    (Incl. Menu Engineering)
  • Programming
  • Concept Design
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